Gene Therapy

Fluid Management Solutions around Single-Use Technologies for Gene Therapies

Liquid substances in gene therapies require efficient and controlled freezing, thawing, dispensing and shipping processes. In order to guarantee product safety during all steps our protective shells guarantees no product loss.

Discover Single Use Support's full range of solutions for reliable cold chain management, automated substance dispensing and logistical handling for acellular drug products.

Autologous gene therapy - Single Use Support

Autologous Gene Therapy

Learn more about cold chain and fluid transfer solutions for small scale autologous gene therapy manufacturing (below 100mL) involving plasmid DNA, transfection reagents, enzymes, cell lines, chromatography columns, media, buffers.

Allogeneic gene therapy - Single Use Support

Allogeneic Gene Therapy

Allogeneic Gene Therapy includes handling of liquid substances with increased volumes (up to 10L and more). 

Discover our single-use consumables and supporting single-use technologies for loss-free fluid transfer and cold chain processes.

Viral vectors by Single Use Support

Viral Vectors Production & AAV

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