CAR-T cell therapy

September 8, 2021

Single Use Support providing solutions for gene therapies

by Michael Eder

Reading time: 3 minutes

Biopharma solution provider Single Use Support announces an order from Genezen, a cell and gene therapy Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO).

August 24, 2021

Loss of drug substance – the challenges and chances

by Michael Eder

Reading time: 5 minutes

In recent years, if not decades, gene therapies have proven to be key drivers of growth in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more how SUSupport takes on the chances in loss of drug substances.

August 19, 2021

CAR NK therapy – natural killer cell therapy – what is that?

Martin Told by Martin Told

Reading time: 6 minutes

CAR-NK therapies are a new approach to combat cancer cells.
This article sheds light on its advantages and logistical challenges to avoid loss of these highly valuable drug substances and scalability.

August 9, 2021

How to achieve scalable freezing & thawing of biopharmaceuticals

by Michael Eder

Reading time: < 1 minutes

What do you need for scalable freezing of biopharmaceuticals in single-use bags?
Check out our Scalability Guide.

July 23, 2020

CAR-T cell therapy – novel therapy with great potential

by Michael Eder

Reading time: 7 minutes

Read more about CAR-T cell therapy, its history and hurdles. Learn also how Single Use Support can support this novel therapy with great potential!