January 25, 2022

Explosive Growth Rate: Single Use Support achieves more than EUR 130 million revenue in 2021

The Austrian Biopharma fluid management specialist continues its revenue upwards trend with a strong and growing team of close to 150 employees.

Since its foundation by Johannes Kirchmair und Thomas Wurm in 2016, the Austrian-based company could record a considerable year-on-year growth. After a revenue of EUR 3 Mio in 2019 followed a jump to EUR 50 Mio in 2020, now resulting in another major increase of 260% to over EUR 130 Mio in the year 2021.

Single Use Support’s products range from single-use consumables like single-use assemblies, 2D and 3D bags for bioprocess logistics and storage solutions, innovative platform systems around freezing, thawing and filling accompanied by a variety of services. With their wide product range, the company has developed from a dug substance freeze/thaw technology provider to an end-to-end platform provider for any large Pharma and Biotech company. Single Use Support is providing shortest available lead times supported by an extended warehouse with raw materials and enlarged production capacities on multiple facilities.

Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Wurm highlights: “2021 emphasized on the importance of our solutions for the global biopharma market in the production of mAbs, ADCs and vaccines but also emerging areas like cell and gene therapies. We are looking forward to 2022.”

Exciting product pipeline planned for 2022

For the year 2022 Single Use Support will continue to focus on its innovative mindset by providing urgently needed solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry in shortest lead times. Growing developments in the sector of cell and gene therapies (CGT) require precise and reliable solutions to successfully test and manufacture advanced therapies in the area of cancer, multiple sclerosis and more.

Additionally, the biopharma industry is currently experiencing a process of digital transformation towards fully connected and automated products in the era of Pharma 4.0. Single Use Support is at the forefront of providing solutions to digitally track, record and optimize shipping processes, as well as creating fluid management systems for increased efficiency and safety.

Further growth and team expansion

Single Use Support will continue to grow its number of staff in every department and around the globe. “Such a rapid growth and innovative line of new products was only possible thanks to an outstanding team. We are always looking for motivated new team members to take on the challenges of the biopharma industry.” adds Managing Director Martin Told.

Image: The founders and CEOs of Single Use Support Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurm.

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Single Use Support CEOs

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