June 6, 2019

Bulk drug substance logistic with single use technology

It is not easy to choose the right technology when it comes to developing biopharmaceutical drug products! It’s important for frozen storage and shipping solutions to be safe and cost-effective at the same time, especially as drugs transition from R&D through clinical trial and to higher volume production.

Single use technology offers a high degree of flexibility and efficiency in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process – take a look!

Bulk.Stream infograph

We are always focusing on the development of single use systems and the entire logistics process for medical liquids in single-use bioprocess containers. Our single use technology comprises advanced systems for the entire process all the way from downstream to fill & finish, and is compatible with single-use bags of various sizes and from any established manufacturer.

As you can see, our BULK.STREAM includes a fully automated integrity test for single use bags, maximally compact and reliable trays, a flexible and fast fill-and-drain solution, plate-based freeze and thaw units for stability studies and small to large batch sizes, as well as highly robust, stackable and coolable containers for shipping and storage.

Why do we work with single use bags and systems?

Single use bags have become an integral part of the biopharma industry, because they offer many advantages that allow for smooth handling. The entire process around “drug substance logistics” can be managed with one single use bag.

Factors like scalability, efficiency and patient safety play a major role. That is why the single use bag has become an indispensable tool when it comes to the biopharma logistics process.

But despite all the advantages it cannot be denied that single use bags can be faulty. Therefore we have found solutions that allow for a 100% safe use of single use bags despite its weak points. The risk of high-quality drug substance loss can be minimized towards 0%, thus ensuring patient safety. e.g. with single-use bags protection.

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