Looking for Single-Use Consumables?

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    RoSS.Fill advanced

    Pay Your New System With Consumables

    1. Order your consumables

    Choose between our consumables:

    2. Gain a credit for your next order

    Take the final price of your consumables and calculate the difference to 80% of SUS list prices: This is your credit for your next order on a SUS platform system.

    3. Apply discount

    Spend your SUS credit on one of our systems or professional solutions:

    • Standard Systems (e.g. Freeze & Thaw, Fill, Mits.2D Testing)
    • Hardware-Options (e.g. UPS, Hybrid/FLEX, Autoload, Plate Sensors)
    • Software-Options (e.g. Active Directory, OPC-UA, DeltaV-Automation)