A chain is only as strong as its weakest part – the single use bag

To overcome the risk of contamination is one of the biggest challenges in the field of biopharma. At Single Use Support we have been dealing with this challenge and looking for a way to eliminate any inherent problems. We started with the single use bag.


4 hacks that allow you to push patient safety during cell and gene therapies to the next level

It truly does sound like a medical dream come true: A cancer immunotherapy which basically allows the body to heal itself with the help of manipulated T cells. Unfortunately it sounds easier than it is, and like any other medical therapy the CAR-T cell therapy poses certain challenges and risks.


The new Single Use Support Web Store is online!

As of now you can purchase our single use technologies in our online store. Currently, we have RoSS® trays in all sizes as well as our smallest freeze-thaw unit, RoSS.pFTU small scale, available.


Super-fast, Agile and Modular Single Use Filling System for the Biopharma Industry

The fill and drain process for biopharmaceutical products can be a massive challenge for the biopharma industry. Here, single use systems offer a multitude of advantages.


Now available: Freeze-thaw platform for rent

Test our RoSS.pFTU lab scale – the perfect freeze and thaw technology for single use bags that is completely standalone, meaning it is compatible with any established bag brand. You can rent our freeze-thaw platform for up to three months. You will be reimbursed for the rent paid if you choose to purchase the platform.


Single Use Support is exhibiting at the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia

The BIO International Convention (BIO) takes place from June 3rd to 6th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Single Use Support will be one of the exhibitors and we will present and discuss our newest developments and biopharma technologies.


Single Use Support enters US market

Single Use Support’s US office opens its doors on May 1st in Boston, Massachusetts. Our office manager in Boston will be the ideal go-to person for all local customers.


Single use bags are not perfect: How you can make sure they are nonetheless 100% safe to use

Single use bags can be faulty. At Single Use Support we have found a solution that allows for a 100% safe use of single use bags despite its weak points. The risk of high-quality drug substance loss can be minimized towards 0%, thus ensuring patient safety.


You no longer want to be reliant on a single manufacturer when it comes to your single use bags? We tell you how you can become independent

Generally speaking, single use bags have become an indispensable solution for the biopharma logistics process. However, the individual single use bags are only compatible with logistics systems of the same manufacturer. That’s why we created a logistics process that is completely independent of the bag brand and size as well as being almost 100 % safe and secure.

how to avoid mistakes during the filling process for gene and cell therapies

How to avoid mistakes during the filling process for cell and gene therapies and make sure that no human life is at risk

Autologous therapies are therapies that are derived from the patient and as such they exhibit certain specific requirements. The scope of such therapies differs greatly from what we usually see in the biopharma industry, and they require special handling and care. The quantities are much smaller than usual, but nonetheless they need to be shipped in a highly sterile and protected manner.