Single Use Support is going to Interphex New York

INTERPHEX wants to learn more about Single Use Support GmbH: Johannes Kirchmair answers their questions.

As Single Use Support is presenting one of its technologies at the Interphex in New York, Interphex created a quick questionnaire to learn more about Single Use Support GmbH. CEO Johannes Kirchmair gave them all the answers.

Single Use Support is hunting the Cryo-Saurus

Interphex New York: Single Use Support is hunting the Cryosaucer!

Over the last few years, “Single Use Support” has been developing BULK.STREAM® – a virtually 100% secure logistics process for fluids in the biopharmaceutical industry. The new innovations will be presented at the Interphex, the leading fair for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals in New York from 2 until 4 April.

Tyrolean Startup Achieves Breakthrough in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

The young startup from the Tyrolean Alps will present one of its technologies at the Interphex in New York. In the past years, “Single Use Support” was busy developing an entire logistics process for the shipping of biopharmaceutical liquid goods.

5 reasons why single-use technology is the way to go

5 reasons why Single Use Technology is the way to go

Go no further – Single Use Technology has and is the solution for you and your patients. The financial and operational benefits are manifold and will blast traditional processes into the past. We are backing this statement with 5 indisputable reasons to demonstrate why biopharmaceutical companies should solely be using Single Use Technology.

Why the CAR-T cell therapy can be a cause for human drama

Why the CAR-T cell therapy can be a cause for human drama

According to the biopharmaceutical industry, the loss of drug substances is higher than 1% for CAR-T cell therapies. Rumor has it that the actual loss rate is even higher. In other words, this means that only 99 out of 100 patients will receive fully functional CAR-T therapy.


Single Use Technology vs. Stainless Steel: Why Dinosaurs Die!

Single-use technology is quickly gaining in popularity around the world because of the financial and operational benefits over traditional process methods using stainless steel. So, why should a biopharmaceutical manufacturer adopt single-use technology (SUT) in their bioprocess? Here are 5 reasons.

CAR-T cell therapies: The therapy is slowly coming to the market – but does it also usefully reach the patient?

One of the main issues of the CAR-T cell therapy is no less than banal – it is logistics. The pharmaceutical industry, which is focused on shipping large amounts of drug substances, is lacking reasonable and realistic solutions for the agile and secure worldwide shipping of small batches that are required for the CAR-T cell therapy, where frozen bags with a volume of 50 ml to 0.5 L are sufficient. We found a solution.

Single Use Support gewinnt Tiroler Jungunternehmerpreis

Once Again: And the Winner is Single Use Support GmbH from Kufstein!

“Young entrepreneurs’ walk of fame” – that was the motto for the tenth Young Entrepreneurs’ Award (Jungunternehmerpreis) awarded by “Junge Wirtschaft Tirol” at the WIFI Campus in Innsbruck. The winners in the category “New Ideas – New Products – New Markets” are from Kufstein: Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurms impressed the jury with their young start-up “Single Use Support GmbH”.

Single Use Support präsentiert MITS.2D bei der FDA

FDA invites Single Use Support to present MITS.2D!

In November, Single Use Support GmbH Founder Johannes Kirchmaier presented the company’s newest development, the MITS.2D at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) headquarters in Washington to more than 60 industry experts.

Single Use Support Tiroler Innovationspreis 2018

Winner of the Tyrolean Innovation Price: Single Use Support!

As has been the case since 1993, the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce recently awarded outstandingly innovative Tyrolean enterprises with the 2018 Tyrolean Innovation Price. On October 8th, Single Use Support was awarded first place in the “Technical Innovation” category.