100% safe drug substance logistic - 0% loss of drug substance

7 steps to 100% secure logistics for liquids in biopharma

For us, the same question arises anew every day: How can we help the bio-pharmaceutical industry to optimise the transport of so-called “drug substances” or the “freeze/thaw & logistic process of drug substance” in the “single use” area. We have put together 7 tips for those responsible for “Drug Substance Logistic”.

RoSS SUSupport frozen bag container

How a spontaneous idea turned into a “hack” benefitting a whole industry

As is the case with a number of developments, a spontaneous idea and the will to shake things up led to something big. Two young entrepreneurs from Tyrol, Austria, took on the challenge to “hack” the biopharma logistics process, or, in other words, to reinvent if not revolutionize it.

You want to know what an oyster has to do with higher returns in the biopharma industry?

It all starts with a grain of sand that by chance found its way into the oyster. The grain of sand is an annoyance; it poses a problem. The oyster feels disturbed so it deals with the intruder. But how does the oyster go about it – how does the oyster save its problem?