SUSupport (Single Use Support) was founded in 2015 by Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurm. As of 2018, the team has grown to about 15 employees and is continuing to grow fast yet organically..

„Simply better support for the pharmaceutical industry.“

SUSupport closed the gap between downstreaming and the fill & finish process in the biopharma industry.
On the basis of single use bags, we offer biopharma companies access to a new and almost 100% secure logistics process for liquids.

The technologies developed by us increase patient safety and minimize the risk of bio contamination and product loss towards 0%.
We are able to store and ship high-quality substances in a faster and more secure manner, and at a lower loading volume than to date. We build upon standards, eliminate material deficiencies, and minimize human errors.

„But we do more than that!“

In mid-2017, a long-cherished dream of medical professionals has come true. In the US, the FDA released the first CAR-T cell therapies. The EU followed carefully in 2018. Experts claim it is the biggest breakthrough for the medical and related industries in 25 years. Patient safety has become more important than ever.

Our process is a game changer for the biopharmaceutical industry and has the potential to play a relevant role in this medical revolution that in a few years' time will directly or indirectly affect each of us..

„Incredible potential for everyone involved!“

We are already attending to the first inquiries from the biopharma industry and will present a specifically developed CGT logistics process in early 2019.
Single Use Support GmbH 2019 – ready for the next level with the BULK.STREAM® and the new CGT.STREAM.