Ever since 2015, Single Use Support has been on a consistent path to becoming a tech leader in the biopharmaceutical suppliers industry. This has only been possibly thanks to our young and strong team that is willing to think „out of the box“.

Appreciation, a distinct willingness to cooperate – in the team as well as with suppliers and customerssolution-orientation and enthusiasm allow for the following equation:

1 + 1 = 4

From the beginning, the Single Use Support team has been able to inspire industry experts around the globe with its products and developments.

Our products, devices and facilities allow our clients to manufacture lifesaving medication (e.g. for cancer) in a safer (keyword sterility) and more economic (keyword cost reduction) way. This is how we contribute to the most precious process out there.

To cure & to save lives.

We are looking for people with specific training as well as newcomers from other industries who want to shake things up and learn and work in a creative environment.

What young people who work for a startup say about it: