March 21, 2019

INTERPHEX wants to learn more about Single Use Support GmbH: Johannes Kirchmair answers their questions.

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As Single Use Support is presenting one of its technologies at the Interphex in New York, Interphex created a quick questionnaire to learn more about Single Use Support GmbH. CEO Johannes Kirchmair gave them all the answers:

INTERPHEX: – Tell us how your company started.

“I was working in Single Use Industry for 5 years in a business development role. It came to my attention that a FREEZE/THAW platform in a single use format is needed to help Biopharm industry to close the gap between DSP and F&F. That was 2 years ago: now we are 20 people serving global clients and enable them to setup robust processes in this process.”

INTERPHEX: – How has your company evolved into what it is today?

“We listened to our clients and developed a bag supplier independent platform. I always looked for feedback from first mover clients, that enabled us to develop technologies that are easy to integrate and useful.”

INTERPHEX: – What is your company’s biggest success thus far?

“We are part of the value-chain of life saving drugs, especially for caner drugs. Clients trust our technologies when it comes to freeze/thaw operations of their high value goods.”

INTERPHEX: – Where do you see the industry going in the next 10 years?

“The business model (at least ours) will move to a “product as a service” approach. Since our clients want to hand over a process step to a company that is highly professional in it`s niche. Every player will focus on his core competencies.”

Single Use Support Founder Johannes Kirchmair

Johannes Kirchmair

Founder of “Single Use Support GmbH”

INTERPHEX: – What don’t most people realize about you or your company?

“That our technology is the future standard in Bulk Drug Substance FREEZE/THAW and logistics. We address many challenges in Biopharma industry. Some examples: Closed system operation, single use format, bag supplier independency, truly scalable solution from 10ml to 300L, easy to use, 0% product loss!!”

INTERPHEX: – Can you describe how you have grown your business at INTERPHEX events?

“Approx. 5 years ago we introduced the Impulse mixer to the market at Interphex. That was a real highlight in my career and the presentation at the Interphex show has been a boost for our sales.”


Michael Eder

Business Development / Marketing Manager


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