March 21, 2019

Interphex New York: Single Use Support is hunting the Cryosaucer!

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Over the last few years, “Single Use Support” has been developing BULK.STREAM® – a virtually 100% secure logistics process for fluids in the biopharmaceutical industry. The new innovations will be presented at the Interphex, the leading fair for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals in New York from 2 until 4 April. The focus will be primarily on Freeze Thaw technology as developed by Single Use Support.

Single Use Support has adopted the mission of taking patient safety and efficiency in the pharmaceuticals industry to a new level with its Bulk.Stream®. For this reason, it has developed its own plate-based freezing and defrosting facilities for stability studies and for small to large batch sizes.

RoSS.pFTU blockbuster scale marks another milestone for the biopharmaceutical industry. The Freeze Thaw platform is now during its final stages of development and should replace Cryovessel, which is used for very large batch sizes, as a single-use version.

The aim is both to achieve a higher level of safety in the freezing process and to enable the constant freezing of high quality substances over an even shorter time period.

CEO Johannes Kirchmair explains at Interphex why the advantages of the FREEZE-THAW PLATFORM are so significant.

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Single Use Support präsentiert sich auf der Interphex Messe


A short overview of all the advantages:

  • The freezing and thawing platform from Single User Support brings about a direct input of energy and heat. This means that there is no air in-between, which is poor at transmitting heat.
  • The heat input flows simultaneously from the top and bottom. The ‘Last Point of Freeze’ therefore takes place at the edges of the axis of symmetry. This prevents the containment of a liquid core which can cause the shell to burst open.
  • The Freeze Thaw process is not influenced by a full load or partial filling of the bags or stacking. The process can therefore be better regulated.
  • Improved scalability of the process is also possible due to a constant water column.
  • The plate-based freezing system enables partial filling with a constant water column.
  • Lower shearing forces reduce mechanical stress on the protein.

The Freeze Thaw platform therefore enables constant freezing of biopharmaceutical substances over an even shorter time period.


But what are the advantages of rapid ‘shock freezing’ compared to a longer freezing process?

The cooling of substances can trigger changes in the concentration of liquids. During cryo-concentration, the concentration of (buffer) salts and proteins increases as a result of the cooling process. This cryo-concentration effect is significantly reduced by the rapid freezing of substances.

The fast freezing process also reduces the pH shift. This means that the pH value in the solution changes less during a rapid cooling process than during slow freezing.

A faster freezing process prevents the aggregation of proteins. This involves individual proteins joining together to form larger proteins. The structure of the protein changes as a result and loses its effectiveness. Shock freezing significantly reduces this effect.

Proteins are exposed to temperature extremes and therefore stress for a shorter time. This minimises the danger of the protein being destroyed. Stress can be triggered by a change in the pH value, mechanical influences e.g. shaking, a high salt concentration, temperature or chemical reactions. The aim is to keep stresses on the protein to a minimum during freezing and defrosting.

Ross.LSSP the Freeze Thaw Platform for large batch sizes

Ross.LSSP the Freeze Thaw Platform for large batch sizes
Interphex Cryosaurus

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