December 7, 2018

Once Again: And the Winner is Single Use Support GmbH from Kufstein!

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“Young entrepreneurs’ walk of fame” – that was the motto for the tenth Young Entrepreneurs’ Award (Jungunternehmerpreis) awarded by “Junge Wirtschaft Tirol” at the WIFI Campus in Innsbruck. The award recognizes outstanding achievements by young entrepreneurs in order to highlight their importance and significance for the regional economy. 

The Young Entrepreneurs’ Award is awarded in the categories “Creative Services”, “Modern Tradition”, “New Ideas – New Products – New Markets” as well as a special category for “Start-ups”.

“It has never been more attractive to become one’s own boss, and never before have we seen more options or support when wanting to realize one’s dreams,” says Clemens Plank, head of the Junge Wirtschaft Tirol. “Young entrepreneurs are the drivers of our economy.”

“With their wealth of fresh ideas, their innovative and creative drive they provide the basis for economic development as well as the necessary structural changes, technical progress and new jobs,” he adds in order to highlight the importance of young entrepreneurs. “With the award we want to present successful young entrepreneurs as role models for more independence and performance.” With a focus on high growth and success potential, the winners were chosen by a top-class jury.

The winners in the category “New Ideas – New Products – New Markets” are from Kufstein: Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurms impressed the jury with their young start-up “Single Use Support GmbH”. With the development of their mobile testing kit MITS.2D they want to ensure a higher level of patient safety as well as profitability in terms of the filling process and use of biomedical liquids.

Single use bags are high-quality polyethylene-bags with sterile connectors for the filling and draining. The “Mobile Integrity Testing System” automatically detects holes up to a size of two micrometers.

The “single use bags” are being placed in the device and with the addition of helium, the sterility can be ascertained. A flexible vacuum chamber has been developed in cooperation with the technical college HTL Jenbach specifically for the testing system. It inflates autonomously and then covers the bag to be tested without damaging it.

This innovation allows for more precise test results for holes up to a size of two micrometers, which will make the infestation with viruses and germs impossible. Thanks to its compact size, the MITS.2D device can be used on-site during the filling process, which is a world first. Due to their size, alternative systems could so far only be used stationary, which made their on-site use impossible.

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