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RoSS.FILL Lab Scale

Dimensions (mm) width/length/height1200 / 890 / 1500
Dimensions (inch) width/length/height47.2 / 35.0 / 59.1
Delivery Time4-6 months

Pain points

manual handling sterility product loss residual volume (=holdup) human errors speed/time of filling accuracy modularity filtration different batch sizes/volumes no air inside bag MES software integration system qualification data integrity GMP lead time manifold expertise consumables/tubings availability scalability small scale filling cell gene therapies seed train intensification


Fully automated filling & draining system for small volumes of drug substance into single use bags.

  • Used for filling & draining of single use bags for drug substances, protected by SUS RoSS.KSET
  • Contains 1 control unit with 1 one individual scale for small footprint
  • Filling of one single use bag ranging from 10ml to 2000ml within in shortest time
  • Usage for studies in labs or small amounts of drug substances in cell & gene therapies or seed train intensification.
  • Highest possible filling accuracy
  • Airless filling
  • Label printer included
  • GMP-compliant

Fill & Filtration System

Single Use Bag Filling System - for bulk drug substance logistics - single use filtration system & drain process developed by Single Use Support - learn more!

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