April 16, 2020

Seeing Success with Single-Use Solutions

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Johannes Kirchmair, co-founder of Single Use Support, and Jon Van Pelt, General Manager Bioprocess Single Use and Enterprise at GE Healthcare Life Sciences, discuss in an interview with the magazine Biopharm International about the position of single-use solutions in the biopharmaceutical industry.

The market for single-use equipment within biopharma worldwide is expected to grow by an annual rate of more than 13% over the next five years.
Growth in this market is expected to be driven by companies seeking more cost-effective solutions, the integration of single-use technologies in continuous processes, and the rapid advancement of biologics.

Johannes Kirchmair and Jon van Pelt both agree that single-use is an established accepted platform within biopharma, since single-use technologies offer so many advantages over other solutions in biopharma manufacturing, such as stainless-steel and rigid containers.
Single-use technologies address exactly the challenges the industry is facing with their development portfolio of products and in commercial manufacturing. During development, biopharma companies must be flexible with production floors potentially ready for a range of products and product classes.

As a result of these requirements, single-use solutions prove beneficial as it is possible to mix several products in one set of hardware and it is possible to produce individual products cost-effectively. Single-use solutions afford companies the flexibility to scale-up and scale-down production easily and furthermore, with a single use contact surface, the number of qualification and validation exercises that are needed is reduced.

In the interview, the market experts explain

  • how to promote single-use technologies
  • what the potential pitfalls are
  • how to deal with waste management
  • how to address standardization and
  • what the future will bring

Read the full interview on Biopharm International:
„Seeing Success with Single-Use Solutions“ – by Felicity Thomas, Biopharm International

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