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We are a rapidly growing company engaged in the development and sale of innovative mechatronic systems and new technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. From our location in Kufstein (Tyrol, Austria), we cooperate with international pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Together with our employees we are constantly progressing. For future development, we are constantly looking for fresh talent and hiring new employees in order to be able to fulfil the wishes and requirements of our customers in the best possible way.

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We are looking for employees in the following positions and fields


  • Technical drawer
  • Strategic Technical Buyer
  • Automation technician with Delta V background
  • Growth Enabling Executive Director
  • Product Development
  • Service Engineer
  • Refrigeration Service Engineer
  • Business Development Manager

Speculative application in other working areas:
Biotechnology, Purchasing, Sales, Technology, Quality management,
Project management, Design & Production

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    Nicole Larcher
    HR Specialist

    Why SUSupport?

    Since 2015, Single Use Support has consistently grown into a tech leader in the biopharma supply industry. This was only possible thanks to our strong and young team that is ready to think “out of the box”. We value a high degree of appreciation towards customers and suppliers, cooperative thinking, a solution-orientated approach and enthusiasm for our work. These are the cornerstones of our success and part of the reason we were awarded the first prize in the “Technical Innovation” category of the 2018 Innovation Competition.

    In our young and modern company, you will experience a feeling and spirit typical for a start-up. We support each other and live by the motto: You support us – we support you! To give you a feeling of the atmosphere you can expect in the company, we have put together a few facts about our team in the following table. Here, we have also listed some of the benefits that our employees enjoy.




    Employee mobile phone & employee laptop
    Flexible working hours
    Business travel
    Drinks & fresh fruit

    Single Use Support: Supporting single use systems

    SUS inspires around the globe

    Our developed products, machines and plants enable our customers to produce life-saving drugs (e.g. against cancer) more safely (keyword: sterility) and economically (keyword: cost reduction). In this way we contribute to the most valuable process of all: Curing diseases & saving lives.

    We are looking for talents! We are looking for people with specific training, but also for career jumpers who want to make a difference and are eager to learn in a creative environment!

    Case Study: How to avoid bag breakages with product loss?

    A cooperation with recruitment agencies requires our express consent. Without exception, we do not pay any remuneration for profiles that are sent to us without a request (even in the case of employment).

    All information and data that you make available to Single Use Support will be treated with care in accordance with the provisions of the Austrian General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Personal information and all applicant data transmitted to us will be treated absolutely confidentially and for application purposes only. Applications in paper form will be processed electronically upon receipt. Please understand that we are therefore unable to return any submitted documents.