August 22, 2022

Case Study - Reducing Product Loss | Process-independence

When CDMOs plan to expand their production capacities based on single-use technologies, it is tempting to either implement existing spare platform systems or simply "copy paste" used equipment - especially for greenfield facilities. However, it is also a great opportunity to install platform systems that help optimize process operations. CDMOs must strike a balance between limiting the Total Cost of Ownership and the building a process-efficient manufacturing facility

Single Use Support assisted a global CDMO in expanding its manufacturing facility that had already previously implemented RoSS technology.  In this case study, siloed platform systems for filling, freezing and ultra-cold storage of pharmaceuticals in single-use bags with high dependency on single suppliers were identified as the biggest cost drivers.  

Find out how you can save CAPEX thanks to modular and vendor-independent process solutions and OPEX thanks to increased process speed at various scales with reduced product loss. Gain process-independence to unleash efficiency manufacturing processes.


Mike Marciniak

Senior Director, Sales USA & Canada