Protection and Secondary Packaging for Single-Use Bags and Bottles

Available for every primary packaging vendor and all sizes

Single-use bags, vials or bottles are the most common primary packaging for transporting liquids in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Bioprocess containers in the form of a 2D single-use bag are now established as the primary packaging of choice for most manufacturers, offering the greatest flexibility in terms of scalability and storage options.

For optimal safety, all primary packaging require protection against product loss during operator handling, fill/drain, freeze/thaw, storage and transport processes. That is why Single Use Support has developed the RoSS® Shell to protect bioprocess containers, no matter the vendor, if single-use bag, vial or bottles or the volume.

Frozen IRIS Single-Use Bag in RoSS (4)

Product Overview: Protection for Single-Use Bags and Bottles

RoSS shell protecting single use bags open

RoSS® Shell | Protecting single-use bags | 0,5-50L

The safest transport solution for all available single-use bioprocess containers. Robust. Scalable. Single-use bag independent.

RoSS.KSET top view

ROSS.KSET | Protecting small single-use bags | 1-250mL

RoSS.KSET offers the protection for drug substances with volumes less than 250 mL. The shell of our CGT bag protection system is robust, closed, safe and sterile – most suitable for cell and gene therapies or clinical studies.

Frozen RoSS bottle protecting single-use bottles

Bottle RoSS | Protecting bottles of all sizes

RoSS (Robust Storage and Shipping) can also be translated for PE rigid containers. With Bottle RoSS the tubings on bottles are protected at glass-like sub-zero temperatures with the help of a soft 3D foam which hardens at frozen state.

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RoSS shell fits for all single use bag manufacturers

Protecting single-use bags to foster their progress

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