Filling & Filtration for Large Volumes (1L-1000L+)

Aseptic transfer of large volumes of drug substances into single-use bioprocess containers is performed in different biomanufacturing steps of biopharma processes, e.g. upstream and downstream bioprocessing. Commercial drug production of up to 1000L per batch requires process-efficient, flexible and scalable solutions.

Single Use Support's RoSS.FILL product line for bulk drug substance is a fully automated filling and filtration system for 2D single-use bags from 1L and 50L, 3D single-use bags up to 1000L and for bottles in different sizes.  Its unlimited scalability, highest throughput and modularity allow maximum process flexibility and efficiency for all higher volume applications with larger volumes, such as fermentation, mRNA, mAbs and more.

Single use bag filling system RoSS.FILL

Product Overview: Filling & Filtration Large Volumes (1L-1000L+)

RoSS.FILL - single use filling system for drug substances

RoSS.FILL Bag | Single-use aseptic fill-filtration system for bags

RoSS.FILL Bag is a flexible automated single-use aseptic bag filling machine for dispensing biopharmaceuticals into single-use bags. The fluid path is designed to be fully disposable and is able to accommodate a variety of sterile connection and disconnection options.

RoSS.FILL Base_Product Photo-8

RoSS.FILL Base | Single-use aseptic fill-filtration system for large volumes

Up to 1000L: Fully automated system for aseptic filling for large volume bulk drug substances.

Single use bottle filling machine RoSS.FILL bottle

RoSS.FILL Bottle | Single-use aseptic fill-filtration system for bottles

The fully automated RoSS.FILL single-use bottle filling machine enables worry-free filling and filtration of  substances into bottles, within less than 1 hour/batch.  No limitations in volume. 

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