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November 10, 2022

Single Use Support Opens Doors for Growth


Welcome to Single Use Support

Reduce product loss with a trusted partner

We provide advanced fluid management solutions around single-use technologies for the Biopharma Industry to increase patient safety. Discover our products around packaging, single-use bag protection, freeze-thaw processes, single-use filling-filtration, and logistics of your substances.


Modular and customizable Solutions - for all modalities

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Biopharma Processes

We close the gap between downstream and the fill & finish process in the biopharma industry with the use of single-use technologies. At Single Use Support we offer biopharma companies access to a new and almost 100% secure logistics process for their freezing, thawing and logistics processes.

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Advanced Therapies

By providing modular standards and highly customizable solutions, we support you in writing a new chapter in advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs): Our single-use technologies and sterile consumables come with the flexibility required for fast turnaround times in advanced therapeutics

Our customers trust in us:

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AGC Biologics

Product Overview

RoSS shell protecting single use bags open

RoSS® Shell | Protecting single-use bags

The safest transport solution for all available single-use bioprocess containers. Robust. Scalable. Single-use bag independent.

Laboratory freezer RoSS.PFTU Lab Scale

RoSS.pFTU Lab-Scale | Freeze-Thaw

1mL-10L: Laboratory freezer, compatible with single use bags of all sizes and manufacturers. Our lab freezer is the perfect solution for studies conducted in labs and, above all, if you want to start a controlled and scalable freezing process.

Ultra-cold storage RoSS.FRDG

RoSS.FRDG | Ultra Cold Storage Freezer

RoSS.FRDG is an ultra cold storage fridge for frozen drug substances in different sizes. The ultra cold freezer keeps the desired set point temperature down to -80°C. RoSS.FRDG offers highest storage density, is fully movable and can be modularly adapted to your individual needs.

Single-use assemblies manifold

IRIS Manifold | Single-Use Assemblies

As an expert in single-use solutions, we have made it our goal to deliver vendor agnostic single-use assemblies manufactured at highest quality standards in ISO 7 cleanrooms and sterilized within shortest lead times. Prevent downtime and ensure an uninterrupted supply chain in compliance with GMP and regulatory requirements with our single-use manifold assemblies using silicone tubing and connectors of your choice.

Cryogenic Freezer RoSS LN2F

RoSS.LN2F | Cryogenic Freezer

RoSS.LN2F is a powerful cryogenic controlled rate freezer for temperatures down to -180°C/ -292°F. An enclosed LN2 system and our innovative direct injection system ensure no direct exposure and no mechanical compressors are needed. This ensures a safe, low-maintenance and energy-saving handling.

All Solutions

Find your product solutions from platform systems to consumables and after-sales services. 

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Supporting single-use systems in biopharma, Single Use Support revolutionizes the management of drug substances at sub-zero temperatures and during handling processes.

Closing gaps between Downstream and Fill & Finish Single Use Support offers an innovative and 100% secure logistics process ensuring better support for the pharma industry.


Striving for scalable solutions? Solutions that are integrated into a fully end-to-end solution process? Irrespective of the type of single-use bag used? And not worrying about product loss?

Single Use Support owns the expertise to fully support your requirements.


Cutting-edge technologies from Single Use Support are applicable anytime when liquid biopharmaceuticals are being frozen and transported – ranging from small volumes in clinical studies for ADCs, viral vectors, mAbs, mRNA up to commercial large volumes of bulk drug substance.


Our product solutions cover the whole liquid management process starting from packaging in bags, protecting with save shells, filling via manifold assemblies and fill/filtration platforms, up to cold chain management with controlled freezing & thawing, ultra cold freezing and reliable shipping.