RoSS.PADL | Homogenizing Solution

Cool & Gentle Homogeneity

RoSS.PADL is a platform to standardize cooling/heating of your single-use bag while it is gently kneaded to ensure a homogenous mixture of your substance. 

With the RoSS.PADL platform, multiple cooling/heating and kneading mechanisms can be placed side by side to scale-up with one control system.

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What makes RoSS.PADL the optimal solutions?

Automate your process

Where normally an operator would massage the bag, this process can be automated to increase process efficience and reduce the risk of inconsisten product quality. The removal of human invervention means a scalable process for one or more bioprocess containers in parallel and the reduced risk of human error in bag handling.

Bag & connector agnostic

No matter the manufacturer of the bag, the RoSS.PADL Homogenizer does not differentiate and is scalable to the customer's needs.

Fluid homogeneity through kneading & cooling/heating

With RoSS.PADL it is possible to ensure homogeneity during draining of the single-use bag. The integrated cooling/heating plate thereby ensures optimum temperatures between -2°C to 30°C/ 28°F to 86°F.

Controllable with other RoSS devices

Seamless integration into end-to-end solutions from Single Use Support. Simple combination with protective RoSS Shells for single-use bags, RoSS.pFTU Freeze-Thaw Platforms and RoSS.FILL Fill-Drain Units.

RoSS.PADL Homogenizer

Cool your fluid & generate homogeneity.

RoSS.PADL is a scalable massaging platform for achieving a uniform mixture in single-use bags. The integrated cooling/heating mechanism ensures that the correct temperature is maintained. In addition, the biocontainer can be filled during the process and completely emptied due to the slope. Furthermore, multiple RoSS.PADL units can be seamlessly arranged side by side and controlled with a single unit, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

In some instances, human intervention is used to massage the bags during draining. With RoSS.PADL this is no longer necessary. With the RoSS.PADL multiple cooling and massaging mechanisms becomes automated, reproducible and therefore standardized. Bags can be placed side by side with one control system to increase process efficiency.

RoSS.PADL provides a further solution within the Single Use Support end-to-end process and is controllable with the RoSS.FILL Fill & Drain Platform.


  • Suitable for all 2D single-use bags from 500mL up to 20L
  • Standalone or controllable over RoSS.FILL HMI
  • Automated stroke depth depending on the bag used
  • Adjustable stroke frequency (30 to 60 strokes/minute)
  • Integrated cooling/heating function 
  • Optional bubble sensors available
  • Bag & connector agnostic
  • Suitable for cleanroom and GMP-compliant construction
  • Seamless integration into end-to-end solutions from Single Use Support
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Datasheet RoSS.PADL

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Whitepaper: Homogeneity in Biopharmaceutical Aliquotation

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