Learn all about advanced fluid management and freeze/thaw logistics from our experts in Single Use Support's webinar series. With our innovative approach in drug substance handling we share study results, customer-centric product developments, market insights and future trends.

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ATMP Fluid & Cold Chain Management

Are you looking to improve your fluid and cold chain management process for ATMP manufacturing? Join us for a free webinar, to learn about controlled handling of fluids in ATMP manufacturing and how it can eliminate product loss and increase process efficiency.

Learn how to optimise fluid and cold chain management in ATMP manufacturing - A NIBRT webinar in collaboration with Single Use Support. Single Use Support's speaker will be Brian Moloney.

Webinars On Demand

Don't Freeze To Death. Control Freezing

How modular and yet universal freezing technologies improve product quality of your drug substances during cold chain logistics?

Listen to Roland Jenewein, CTO at Single Use Support, on demand who has talked live on March 14, 2023.

  • Discover possibilities to optimize product quality with controlled plate-based freezing solutions
  • Learn how far scalable freezing can go in a manufacturing environment through a case study
  • Understand indications of a successful freeze/thaw cycle and cryopreservation

New era of drug substance cold chain management

Billions of dollars is what the pharma industry loses each year due to product loss based on lacking or insufficient protection of single-use bags used for liquid transfer. With over 200,000 RoSS®️ shells shipped, less than 0.001% product loss has been reported. Single Use Support has created products and technologies to address exactly these key concerns. The robust shell to protect single-use bioprocess containers in the process of freezing, storing, and shipping, RoSS® (Robust Storage and Shipping), is agnostic to manufacturer, design, and volume, allows for the safe handling of frozen and thus fragile single-use bags. Accompanying freeze and thaw as well as fill and drain systems work in synergy with the shell for single-use bags to allow for a safe solution for optimized fluid management.

Speaker: Michael Wieland