RoSS.pFTU XL | Plate Freeze & Thaw

Parallel controlled freezing and thawing of thousands of liters in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The extra large scale freezing platform system is an automated plate-based freeze-thaw unit for liquid substances including vaccines, media, buffer solutions or other drug substances. The established RoSS.pFTU platform system is compatible with 10x50L single-use bags from any vendor.

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Down to -80°C / -112°F


Controlled rate freezing & thawing


Up to 500L

Advantages of controlled plate-freezers

Dark blue spots indicate a higher cryoconcentration. 
Fast & controlled freezing with a plate freezer enables a homogeneous freezing result.

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Plate-based Freeze & Thaw platform system for controlled freezing and thawing of extra large volumes and bulk drug substances (BDS) in biopharma manufacturing processes:

  • Capacity: 500L nominal volume per Batch (10x50L Bags)
  • Flexible Primary Packaging: Choose any 50L single-use bag of your choice
  • Freezes down to -90°C
  • Thawing with integrated shaker function
  • Technology: Plate-based freezer for homogeneous freezing of your product
  • GMP-compliant, automated, at highest possible speed and accuracy
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RoSS Shell for Protection & Secondary Packaging

  • For best protection and optimized homogeneous freezing we recommend the use of RoSS shells for your single-use bags
  • Simple loading and unloading of the RoSS shells with a specific external rack
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Advantages of RoSS.PFTU over other solutions in the industry


CryoVessel Platform 1 

Blast-Freezer Platform 2

Plate-Based Freeze Thaw Platform



Fast Freezing



The RoSS.pFTU XL achieves controlled freezing to -80°C in less than 10 hours.

Vendor-agnostic primary packaging


Full freedom on choice of your primary packaging supplier to ensure a closed system. 

Modularity & Scalability 



Scalable freezing with the RoSS.pFTU plate-freezers from 1L up 500L nominal volume per batch

Minimum Manual Handling

Fully automated freezing process & simple loading/unloading of the palette-size racked

Product Viability 



Higher product quality with controlled plate-freezing preventing the effect of cryoconcentration . 


The ROI of Bulk Freezing with Plate Freezers

The switch from cryovessels to plate-based freeze & thaw single-use technologies is, not least, a matter of costs. To determine the return on investment (ROI), different cost drivers were identified and evaluated. Discover the comparison of cryovessels, blast freezers and plate-based freezers in this case study.

Case Study_RoSS.pFTU_The ROI of Bulk Freezing with Plate Freezer

Case Study RoSS.pFTU: The ROI of Bulk Freezing with Plate Freezers

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Data sheet

Datasheet_RoSS.pFTU XL

Datasheet RoSS.pFTU XL

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Whitepaper: Scalable Freezing & Thawing of Pharmaceutical Bulk

Whitepaper: Scalable Freezing & Thawing of Pharmaceutical Bulk

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Whitepaper: How Controlled & Scalable Freezing Becomes Reality

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More solutions


RoSS.FILL Base | Single-use aseptic fill-filtration system for large volumes

Up to 1000L: Fully automated system for aseptic filling for large volume bulk drug substances.


RoSS.FRDG | Ultra Cold Storage Freezer

RoSS.FRDG is an ultra cold storage fridge for frozen drug substances in different sizes. The ultra cold freezer keeps the desired set point temperature down to -75°C. RoSS.FRDG offers highest storage density, is fully movable and can be modularly adapted to your individual needs.


ROSS.SHAK | Shaker

RoSS.SHAK is your reliable shaker to regain highest quality and homogeneity of your biopharmaceuticals.

RoSS.SHAK enables constant shaking of your protein to regain homogeneity and product quality after freezing. Shakes up to 70L per run in 3 pre-defined speeds.


RoSS.DRAI | Drain

Drain your single use bags at Fill & Finish site. This standalone draining rack enable controlled fluid flow while draining single-use bags. Connected peristaltic pumps enable lowest holdup volume. Multiple racks can be attached for simultaneous and continuous pooling thanks to inclination of all shelves. All disconnection types possible.

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Freeze & Thaw

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