RoSS.pFTU Mid-Scale | Plate Freeze & Thaw

Freeze-Thaw | High Quantity of small Volumes | Up to 100L

Our mid scale freezer is a plate-based Freeze Thaw system. This unit designed to protect your preferred single-use bag during cryogenic applications. 

RoSS.pFTU mid scale is compatible with single-use bioprocess containers of all sizes and manufacturers and shows the best product stability results for your biopharmaceuticals up to 100L. 

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Advantages of controlled plate-freezers

Dark blue spots indicate a higher cryoconcentration. 
Fast & controlled freezing with a plate freezer enables a homogeneous freezing result.

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Plate-based Freeze and Thaw Unit for freezing and thawing of drug substances protected by RoSS shells from Single Use Support:

  • Capacity up to 5 bags of 20L each, depending on bag type
  • Usage for stability studies in labs and small batch sizes
  • Single-Use Bag independent: any bag vendor, any size
  • Recommended to protect your single-use bag with RoSS shells at your freeze/thaw unit
  • Up to 100L load with different sizes of single-use bags
  • Best product stability results for mABs and BDS
  • GMP-compliant, automated, at highest possible speed and accuracy

Advancements in Small Volumes Drug Freezing Techniques

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Advancements in Small Volumes Drug Freezing Techniques

Freezing small volumes extends beyond laboratory settings to include commercialized manufacturing processes for small batches in biomanufacturing, like cell banking, gene therapies utilizing viral vectors, lipid nanoparticles, and fill & finish procedures.

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Data sheets


Datasheet RoSS.pFTU Mid Scale

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Whitepaper: How Controlled & Scalable Freezing Becomes Reality

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Scalability Guide RoSS.pFTU

Freeze & Thaw Scalability Guide

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