Fluid Management Solutions Around Single-Use Technologies for Biopharma

We offer solutions around liquid transfer processes in the biopharmaceutical industry. Our products apply for packaging, protection, freezing & thawing, filling & draining and shipping steps in cell and gene therapies but also commercial liquid and drug productions.

Our product portfolio includes Single-Use Bioprocess Containers, Single-Use Assemblies, the protective RoSS Shell for bioprocessing containers, Freeze-and-Thaw Platforms, Fill-and-Drain Platforms, Ultra Cold Storage Freezers, Homogenizer, 3D Bag Totes, Transport Containers and more.

End-to-end platform for single use bags by Single Use Support

Biopharma­ceutical End-to-End Fluid Management

End-to-end solutions in the context of the biopharmaceutical industry are primarily based on single-use technologies, which allow for the greatest flexibility and agility.

Thanks to their versatility, these solutions are set to gain ever more importance and traction in the competitive race to develop new or produce tried-and-tested compounds and bring them to the market respectively to the patient.

Plate freezer biopharma large scale freezing with RoSS.pFTU largescale

Platform Systems

Optimize your final product outcome by trusting in reliable cold chain and filling solutions. The Single Use Support platform solutions enable end-to-end liquid management by providing controlled freezing and thawing, ultra cold storage and automated filling and draining for every primary packaging and individual batch sizes.

Discover our scalable platform systems including the areas Freeze-Thaw, Fill-Drain and Integrity Testing.

Single Use Assembly Production


The biopharmaceutical industry requires a growing demand of flexible and scalable single-use systems in order to implement future-proof manufacturing processes. In addition to their easy of use and simple implementation, single-use systems also provide more sustainable solutions by requiring reduced cleaning ressources, compared to stainless steel components.

Discover our single-use consumables ranging from bioprocess containers, protective shells for single-use bags and bottles, single-use assemblies up to smart shipping containers and more.



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Our service solutions offer After Sales Support, Engineering Services, Qualification and Validation Services and Full Shipment Services. For a best-possible outcome we will send experts from our team to your facility if required. In addition, we provide the possibility to interact live and virtually with our service team through virtual reality (VR) glasses - making different timezones and distances irrelevant.

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