Single-Use Consumables

The biopharmaceutical industry requires a growing demand of flexible and scalable single-use systems in order to implement future-proof manufacturing processes. In addition to their easy of use and simple implementation, single-use systems also provide more sustainable solutions by requiring reduced cleaning ressources, compared to stainless steel components.

Discover our single-use consumables ranging from bioprocess containers, protective shells for single-use bags and bottles, single-use assemblies up to smart shipping containers and more.

RoSS_open lid

RoSS® Shell | Protecting single-use bags

Robust. Storage. Shipping. Reduce product loss and contamination with the safest transport solution for all available single-use bioprocess containers on the market - the RoSS® Shell.

Reduce product loss to 0%.


IRIS Bag | Single-Use Bioprocess Container

Innovative. Robust. Individual. Single-Use. Make sure your supply chain is uninterrupted. Get your IRIS single-use bioprocess container from Single Use Support in any size with the fastest possible delivery times. Store and ship anything from cell culture samples to large drug substance volumes reliably and on time.

Order your single-use bioprocess container today, and we will deliver within 14 days


ROSS.KSET | Protecting small single-use bags

RoSS.KSET offers the protection for drug substances with volumes less than 250 mL. The shell is robust, closed, safe and sterile – most suitable for cell and gene therapies or clinical studies.

For larger volumes, RoSS can protect one or multiple single-use bags in one shell.


IRIS Manifold | Single-Use Assemblies

As an expert in single-use solutions, we have made it our goal to deliver your custom single-use assemblies within 14 days. Prevent downtime and ensure an uninterrupted supply chain in compliance with GMP and regulatory requirements with our single-use manifold assemblies using silicone tubing and connectors of your choice.


Bottle RoSS | Protecting Bottles

RoSS (Robust Storage and Shipping) can also be translated for PE rigid containers. With Bottle RoSS the tubings on bottles are protected at glass-like sub-zero temperatures with the help of a soft 3D foam which hardens at frozen state.


RoSS.SHIP | Cold Chain Shipping

RoSS.SHIP provides smart cold chain storage and shipping of bulk drug substance for almost one week. Trackable, Traceable Highly robust, Stackable, Coolable and Compact.


RoSS.RACK | Transport Devices

RoSS.RACKs are supporting devices for in-plant transport for up to 30 RoSS® shells. Racks can be moved easily either on paletts or as trolleys and smoothen the process between various logistics units, such as from filling RoSS® shells to the bulk substance freeze platform.

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