RoSS.BLST | Blast Freeze & Thaw

Blast Freezing & Thawing to -75°C

RoSS.BLST is a GMP-compliant system for blast freezing & thawing of drug substances. It is suitable for any primary packaging from all manufacturers and freezes liquids down to -75°C. 

The modular and mobile internal rack system offers maximal flexibility and enables a simple transfer from blast freezing to ultra-cold storage.


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Facts on blast freeze-thaw system RoSS.BLST

  • Blast freezing and thawing down to -75°C (-103°F) and up to +40°C (+104°F)
  • Suitable for any primary packaging from all manufacturers
  • Mobile and customizable internal rack system
  • GMP-compliant, automated, at highest possible speed and accuracy
  • Optional shaking function for optimized thawing time
  • Seamless transition from freezing to ultra-cold storage
Ultra cold storage freezer - RoSS.FRIG high density

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Data sheet

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Datasheet RoSS.BLST

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