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Advanced Fluid Management and Freeze/Thaw/Logistics

Our products and solutions can be applied across various areas throughout the complete pharmaceutical industry - ranging from biopharma processes to advanced therapies manufacturing.

Benefit from working with a trusted partner with expertise across several fields of application and proven experience in quick turnarounds for your customized and innovative solutions. 


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Biopharma Processes

We close the gap between downstream and the fill & finish process in the biopharma industry with the use of single-use technologies. At Single Use Support we offer biopharma companies access to a new and almost 100% secure logistics process for their freezing, thawing and logistics processes.

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Advanced Therapies

By providing modular standards and highly customizable solutions, we support you in writing a new chapter in advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs): Our single-use technologies and sterile consumables come with the flexibility required for fast turnaround times in advanced therapeutics

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Custom Applications

Changing requirements in the biopharma industry require flexible solutions and new ideas for improved systems. We offer a wide field of expertise in the area of pharmaceutical liquid transfer and look forward to diminish product loss and inefficient processes together with you.

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