Cell and gene therapies filling system - RoSS.FILL CGT

Automated aseptic filling for CGT | 10mL-1000mL

RoSS.FILL CGT is a fully automated aseptic cell and gene therapy filling system. A filling machine that allows multiple small single use bags to be filled simultaneously. This CGT bag filling system is special designed for use in cell & gene therapies with batch sizes at low volumes. 

With its high filling accuracy, the platform provides filling for up to 36 bags with one rack - having the option to attach more racks.

Cell and gene therapy filling machine with RoSS.FILL CGT system

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3SBio Inc.

The combination of a bag agnostic robust secondary packaging (RoSS®) and the scalable plate based freeze/thaw technologies convinced us to select Single Use Support. It not only matches all our requirements, it is also safe, easy to navigate and flexible to single use bags from any supplier.


Thanks to a fortunate coincidence, we got in touch with Single Use Support. Not only have we found a more than solid single-use solution for our main problem thanks to their product RoSS®, but we now have access to a clever and 100% safe drug substance logistics system.


Having partners such as Single Use Support in place will be one of many essential components as we scale our operations to deliver high-quality programs and vector production services to our clients.

Features and Benefits of our CGT bag filling machine

Read more about the features and benefits of our cell and gene therapy bag filling system:

  • Used for dispensing biologics, such as viral vectors, cell therapies and gene therapies, into single-use bags. These can be protected by RoSS.KSET protective shells.
  • Contains 1 control unit and 1 rack with 3 weights standardized – extentable upon request – at small footprint
  • Filling of up to 36 single use bags ranging from 10mL to 1000mL
  • Usage for studies in labs, cell & gene therapies or seed train intensification.
  • Highest possible filling accuracy
  • Airless filling
  • Label printer included
  • GMP-compliant
RoSS.FILL - single use filling machine for CGT bags

Advanced Sealer & Stepper Pinch Valve

2 functions in 1 device: Variable fluid control for fast filling + simple aseptic decoupling

Automated Sealing Function:

  • Dropless disconnection by sealing
  • No need for cumbersome post processing of metal seals and giving the benefit of removing sharp edges
  • Fully aseptically closed – no risk of leakage
  • Simple Aseptic Decoupling: safer, automated disconnection
  • The fully tested sealed tubings withstand a temperature of up to -190°C
  • Weld your tubings closed that can withstand up to 2 bar pressure

Automated Stepper Function:

  • Closed or open or anywhere in between
  • Run your pump at 100% speed - allow the stepper to control the fill rate
  • Unprecedented levels of control in your fill recipe
  • Fastest filling rate
  • Fill all your bags in parallel
RoSS.FILL_Sealer-Stepper Valve Rack_2
Sealer Valve_3

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