Whitepaper: Automated Aseptic Filling

Whitepaper: Automated Aseptic Filling

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Automated filling: The way to go

Several surveys have shown that more than half of all CMOs and Biopharma manufacturers still use manual filling to dispense drug substance into primary packaging, such as single-use bags and bottles. However, manual handling comes with a higher potential risk of “human error” than automated filling. With 8 out of 10 cases of process deviations in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, human error is the biggest cause of operational errors.

Automated filling systems are recommended by many market experts to reach the next level in drug substance management. Many users are starting automation initiatives, which is proof of an overall trend towards automated filling. 

In general, they help to reduce both contamination risks and the risk of human errors. Among all available systems for automated filling of drug substance, RoSS.FILL, a bulk filtration, filling and draining platform for primary packages such as single use bags, bottles and vials, outshines its competitors with regards to the following product characteristics: accuracy, scalability, flexibility, speed, its process upgrade options and its process integration.