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Delivery Time6-8 months

Pain points

leakages breakages of single use bags product loss loss of bag integrity not at point of use (another process step)


MITS = Mobile Integrity Test System
Used for integrity tests of any 2D single-use bags at point of use

  • MITS.2D®Leak detection method
  • Helium integrity test
  • Bag sizeup to 20l
  • Measurement time: 2 minutes
  • Detection limit down to at least 2 microns
  • Integrity test of manifold bags, tubings and (almost all types of) connectors

Testing System MITS.2D®

MITS.2D is a single use bag integrity test for biopharma industry to reduce the risk of biocontamination, bioburden & endotoxins. Developed by from Austria - read more!

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Mits2d integrity testing of drug substances
Mits2d integrity testing of drug substances