After-Sales Service

Accessible. Fast. Resolved.

Our experienced, qualified service staff will be at your side, if a problem arises. Always. 
We offer complete, competent service packages for all fill and freeze-thaw platform systems to support you achieving optimal lifecycle performance.


Fastest service for all filling freezing platforms

After-Sales Service Premium Package

Service to count on. For all platform systems.

  • Priority access - Visits from a service engineer from Single Use Support within 48 hours in Europe and 72 hours globally
  • 24/7/365 - Single Use Support is available anytime, all the time.
  • Remote access module - Virtual connection to the units from Kufstein
  • Virtual glasses - Live quarterly performance checks using Hololens
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance – Thorough inspection of units yearly
  • Customer Training - Continued learning from our maintenance team
  • Tailored toolbox - The perfect solution for site engineers
  • Spare Parts Benefits - Discount offered on spare parts

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