March 5, 2020

eBook: Challenges in Bulk Drug Substance Logistics

Players in the biopharmaceutical industry have to consider a number of factors when it comes to the safe and reliable handling of highly sensitive, high-quality bulk drug substances. Liquid bulk substances are subjected to a variety of external influences in any given phase of the process.

It is thus imperative to keep them protected throughout their journey from the site of initial manufacturing through storage and shipping to the final end product and the patient.

In our new eBook, we have compiled all the necessary facts and figures to give readers an overview of the challenges and obstacles at hand. At the same time the book focuses on highlighting the pros and cons of various solutions to protect biopharmaceutical liquids throughout their entire journey.

Get detailed information about SUSupport’s BULK.STREAM™, which will help you push your drug substance logistics to the next level. It does not matter whether you are still in the experimental or clinical testing phase or producing at blockbuster level.

It does not matter whether you only require small amounts of drug substance or are manufacturing vast quantities. The BULK.STREAM™ is scalable, both in volume and preferred single-use-bag brand. Find out more by downloading the eBook here.


Single Use Support’s BULK.STREAM® closes the gap between Downstream and Fill & Finish by offering bio- pharma companies access to a new and almost 100% secure management process for liquids on the basis of single use bags.

On the basis of single use bags, it feeds the missing link between downstream and fill and finish and guarantees fast and safe protection, filling, freezing, storing, shipping and thawing of high-quality substances from one hand.

The technologies increase patient safety and minimize the risk of bio contamination and product loss towards 0%. The process enables the storage and shipment of high-quality substances in a faster and more secure manner, and at a lower loading volume than to date.

BULK.STREAM® builds upon standards, eliminates material deficiencies, and minimizes human errors.

Find out more in this ebook.

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eBook: Challenges in Bulk Drug Substance Logistics

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