Daniel Tischler

Head of Product Line Management

Daniel Tischler is Head of Product Line Management and responsible for the further development of existing products, as well as the development and introduction of new products at Single Use Support.

Proximity to mechatronic systems and to customers were two constants for Daniel Tischler. At Single Use Support he started as a project manager. Later he provided customers technical insights as sales application engineer. Currently, Daniel is Head of Product Line Management working on new innovations for customers in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Daniel has gained 10+ years of expertise in design engineering and project management before he joined Single Use Support.

Articles written by Daniel Tischler

July 19, 2022

Ultra-cold freezing and storing – considerations & solutions

Implementing cold freezing and storing in supply chains is oftentimes inevitable when dealing with certain biopharmaceuticals. Learn what the main considerations are and find out how to face related challenges.

June 9, 2022

mRNA vaccines: How to safely ship and store them

mRNA vaccines require high diligency along their supply chain. This is why every step in the mRNA vaccine supply chain must be carefully planned, carried out in a safe and controlled manner and requires appropriate, innovative technologies.

May 18, 2022

Plate freezing: best approach for freezing biopharmaceuticals

Plate freezing is a process where a product’s temperature is reduced by the means of contact with cold surfaces. Thus, a defining step in the freeze-thaw process for conservation, with several advantages for biopharma.