October 1, 2018

How a spontaneous idea turned into a “hack” benefitting a whole industry

As is the case with a number of developments, a spontaneous idea and the will to shake things up led to something big. Two young entrepreneurs from Tyrol, Austria, took on the challenge to “hack” the biopharma logistics process, or, in other words, to reinvent if not revolutionize it.

Of course it was only an idea when they started out in 2015. But looking back now, this idea has led to a complete, thoroughly thought-trough process, the so-called BULK.STREAM® process, and it seems like this was the only possible and logical outcome. It is easy to think that “there was no other way” – but with really good products, that is just the way it is. Just think of smartphones, Google or cars. Without ideas, courage and audacity none of these industry standards would exist.

The clever thing to do is to only invent what really needs to be invented. This is the motto of the two founders of SUSupport who take tried and tested containers, namely single use bags that have been used in the biopharma industry for decades, as the basis for their invention. And everything surrounding this basis has been conceived, developed and made ready for the market by Thomas Wurm and Johannes Kirchmair with their SUSupport team.

“Not every company needs the complete BULK.STREAM – our big advantage is the fact that individual BULK.STREAM® process components can be utilized as a standalone solution and still be absolutely efficient.”

They were rewarded with success. SUSupport products are already used all over the world. “In the United States in particular, young companies with completely new products and new processes have an easier access to the market. The market there is more open-minded.” But we see slow progress in Europe too – and SUSupport are constantly enhancing their process, which they call BULK.STREAM®.

Not every company needs the complete BULK.STREAM® – its big advantage is the fact that individual BULK.STREAM® process components can be utilized as a standalone solution and still be absolutely efficient.

It is our aim to connect single use bags, so-called “medicinal single use bags” to tried and tested liquid containers. As opposed to other suppliers, we package them with a superior system.

We offer perfect handling, safety in terms of automated bulk filling, a minimum of storage volume, a maximum of protection during the shipping process, live tracking and controlling – all the way to the end of the process, the draining. A thought-through, effective and economically sensible process.

Naturally, BULK.STREAM® is constantly enhanced. Inspired by their customer’s problems, the team at SUSupport keeps developing. This is how one of their first products, (a tray into which the single use bag is integrated) turned into BULK.STREAM® – simply because it made sense. In the coming months the next highlight will be certified and added to the BULK.STREAM® as an additional option.

“Potential customers are slightly overwhelmed because we have taken a small segment and completely changed it and made it so much more effective. When it comes to process optimization, our enthusiasm and excitement are contagious and we keep meeting people who feel inspired by our work – and in most cases this is mutual.”

Single Use Support – or SUSupport in short – a company that should be kept in mind!

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RoSS Single Use Support - frozen bag container

Michael Eder

Senior Marketing Manager

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