February 9, 2022

Single-use systems triage, ultimately affecting the patient

The current shortage of single-use consumables in the pharmaceutical industry has led some experts to go as far as calling it a “triage”: This only makes apparent the immensity and severity of the current challenges in the supply chain, which has far-reaching consequences if not addressed properly. 

Shortage in single-use consumables fueled by COVID pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has caused many resources to be allocated to COVID-related production. This has led to a shortage in material supply, and eventually to a triage in single-use consumables. The problem is further fueled by understaffing due to quarantine or lockdown requirements.

Consequently, the backlog in manufacturing affects the supply of potentially life-saving medication to the patient. Frankly speaking, this state of affairs is not sustainable. It needs to be solved by ensuring a steady and rapid supply, even in times of increased demand. 

Innovative solutions and strategic planning to deal with the crisis

For Single Use Support, accepting the status quo has never been an option: The company manages the balancing act of strategic planning and rapid response. Close collaborations with suppliers and early capacity expansion are their key to bypass existing bottlenecks. 

Strategic planning in particular has allowed them to always be one step ahead. Even with the current shortage around single-use assemblies and systems, all of Single Use Support’s consumables are available for global delivery within 14 days. 

Recognizing the need of the market, the company will start manufacturing its own brand of single-use bioprocess containers, which will be available by the end of 2022.

Single-use systems triage, ultimately affecting patient

Johannes Kirchmair



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