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Pioneering Biopharma

Single Use Support provides innovative fluid management products and services around single-use technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. Our solutions reduce product loss of liquid substances for the biopharmaceutical market towards 0%.

With our proven experience we provide partners with fast and professional solutions including sterile single-use consumables, platform systems and end-to-end process solutions. Our product range includes bioprocess containers, single-use assemblies, protective single-use bag shells (RoSS® Shell), Freeze & Thaw Platforms, Fill & Drain Platforms, Ultra-Cold Storage Freezers, Trackable Cold-Chain Shipping Boxes and more.

Single Use Support is headquartered in Austria, Europe, and has a subsidiary in the United States. In addition, we are operating on a global scale with a close network of distributors and partners.

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Vision and mission statement

It is and always has been one of humankind’s biggest endeavors to prolong life by staying healthy, to improve quality of life, reduce child mortality and the number of terminal illnesses.

On a regular basis, entire shipments of vital and high-quality substances become useless due to faulty containers, contamination, disruptions of the cold chain, or simply because of inappropriate handling.

We have taken up the massive challenge to devise and implement an entire process for a globally organized industry, to make it ready for market – in short: contribute our part in the quest for prolonging life.

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Our mission:

“We pioneer innovative solutions around single-use technologies in the Biopharma market to increase patient safety.”

Our vision:

“Improving quality of life and human health by providing entire products & services that eradicate deficiencies in the pharmaceutical liquid transfer.”

Ecovadis Sustainability Rating

We fullfill the requirements of the EcoVadis Sustainability Rating. EcoVadis offers the leading solution for monitoring sustainability in global supply chains. With innovative technology and sustainability expertise, they help companies develop and implement sustainable business practices.

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Solution Overview Single Use Support

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