App Note: "Bestcellers": Controlled Filling & Freezing of Cells

App Note: "Bestcellers": Controlled Filling & Freezing of Cells

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App Note_Bestcellers-Controlled Filling Freezing of Cells

Advanced Fluid Management for Cell Culture Freezing, Cell Banking and Cell Therapy

Cells are important building blocks for today’s medicine and novel advanced therapies. FDA approvals for CAR-T cell therapies can be seen as proof for their ability to provide answers for many previously incurable diseases. The range of applications for cells utilized in the biopharmaceutical industry is very broad. The same is true for manufacturing processes for such therapies. The diversity of applications, be it for cell therapies, cell banking or cell culture suspension, adds to the complexity of cell-based manufacturing, which means that there is not a uniform fluid management process that applies to all cell-based suspensions. Sterile aliquotation into single-use bioprocess containers and freezing for cryopreservation of cells pose challenges for laboratories and manufacturers.

These process steps are mostly performed manually and therefore prone to inefficiencies and increased product loss. What is rather needed are modular and controllable technologies that support biopharmaceutical companies to cope with process versatility. The adaptability of process solutions to different requirements and scenarios while complying with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) will meet the needs of biomanufacturing companies along the journey from drug development to commercialization. In the end, state-of-the-art filling and freezing technologies significantly improve cell viability.