Case Study - Reducing Product Loss | Hybrid for primary packaging

Case Study - Reducing Product Loss | Hybrid for primary packaging

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Launching Hybrid Handling for Primary Packagings

Any primary packaging, such as single-use bags, vials and bottles, requires individual processes and platform systems for protection against product loss, filling-draining, freezing-thawing, storage and transportation. Consequently, different processes and systems have led to different outcomes with variabilities in the process performance. The lack of standardized process solutions along with varying rates of product loss and inconsistent freezing behavior has resulted in process inefficiency.

The manufacturer has therefore decided to implement a harmonized process solution that can be used with different types of single-use primary packaging whilst at the same time minimzing the rate of product loss. 

The principle of RoSS® is to protect the spots most vulnerable to breakage in order to reduce product loss, to establish process solutions and to improve the performance throughout each of the process steps, regardless of the primary packaging used. Check out results of installing Single Use Support's hybrid end-to-end process for cold chain management.