December 18, 2020

eBook: Advancing Cell and Gene Therapies

Putting cell and gene therapies into practice requires complex logistics. Small batches of either primary cells, viral vectors or media are supplied and delivered between biopharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, CMOs, CDMOs, hospitals and other suppliers. The cells used for these therapies pass through several process steps and have to be managed as well as transported between these stakeholders in a fast, sterile and seamless manner.

Cell and gene therapies have progressed greatly both in terms of their scientifically proven effectiveness and in terms of medical advancement. However, they still exhibit certain weak points, escpecially regarding their robustness during transport between different venues. In order to get the cells and genes, which are usually filled in single use bags, from A to B in the most effective and efficient way, there is an urgent need for reliable equipment to cover the steps of filling, freezing, shipping, thawing and draining. The resulting interfaces in the cold chain for transporting cell and gene therapy components demand controlled, robust and safe & fast handling, ease of use among all stakeholders.

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eBook: Advancing ATMP Fluid Management

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