October 12, 2022

Mission completed – and now? How RoSS® Shell is to be recycled

Once our RoSS containers for single use bags have fulfilled their duty and protected valuable, possibly life-saving biopharmaceuticals on their way from the manufacturer’s site to where they have been expected, this raises the question: What now? While the substance they had previously contained continues its trip, the bioprocess containers have seemingly reached their final stop. But have they, really?

Indeed, being single-use components, they do not need to be sent back to the manufacturer, as they would not be re-used anyhow. Nevertheless, their journey is not quite over: But instead of concentrating on the safe transport of biological products, the focus shifts towards minimizing the product’s impact on the environment, since it is now due to be recycled in an adequate manner.

How to recycle RoSS® Shell

RoSS® Shell, the protective storage and shipping container for single use bags and manufactured from Single Use Support, is made from 3 different materials:

  • Stainless-steel lids
  • PE panels
  • 3D foam

It is not only easy to separate into its base materials, but also easy to recycle. Single Use Support encourages its customers to talk to their local waste management contact on how to recycle. Alternatively, it is also possible to send RoSS® Shells back to Single Use Support for proper recycling.

It is beyond Single Use Supports scope of influence to guarantee sterility of RoSS components. Proper handling of components and measures to maintain the low bioburden status are within the responsibility of the customer. After weeks & months of usage under different conditions and locations the Austrian solution provider does not advice to refurbish or use RoSS components multiple times as the flexibility and adaptability of the foam required for proper immobilization cannot be guaranteed after multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Sustainability - RoSS recycling made easy

As illustrated above, the journey of RoSS containers does not end once the previously contained substance has been removed. On the contrary: By adequately recycling the bioprocess containers after usage, their impact on the environment can be minimized. This is a key aspect of enforcing sustainability in the biopharma industry and a major aspiration of ours in the development of innovative fluid management solutions.


Infographic Sustainability_Single Use Support

Infographic Sustainability_Single Use Support

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Frozen single use bag in RoSS shell single use bag protection

Claus Exenberger

Product Line Management

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