January 20, 2020

Laboratory Freezer for Single Use Technology

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Biopharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly utilizing single use technologies for storage, shipping and the transfer of biopharmaceutical substances. The advantages speak for themselves:

By abandoning cost-intensive and bulky platforms, manufacturers can save considerable amounts of money. Single use technologies, and single use bags in particular, require little storage space, which makes them a cost-effective solution. Additionally, bags of different sizes are freely available on the market and, where required, established and standardized quality tests are available to be conducted before filling and use.

But it does not end with the storage: The entire handling of the logistics process for biopharmaceutical liquids is fool-proof, especially when compared to the utilization of stainless-steel tanks, Cryo vessels and other traditionell alternatives. With the use of single use technologies, cleaning, storage as well as complicated logistics can practically be omitted.

Where the water volume as well as chemical detergents required when using stainless-steel solutions are significant and far from being sustainable, single use technology is leading the way in terms of sustainability.

All these factors apply to established manufacturing as well as the production of small batches conducted in labs or for study purposes.

The advantages of compact plate freezers for the lab

Humans are simple beings. So it seems just plausible to use a fridge or freezer for freezing liquids. But things are not always as simple as they may appear. While the use of fridges and freezers may be logical, the outcome is far from satisfactory. Traditional freezers have disadvantages that can be clearly measured:

  • A lengthy freezing process for liquids
  • The formation of relatively big crystalline structures caused by the slow and not very homogenous freezing process, which are the cause of frictions that lead to the destruction of valuable proteins. Up to 20% of proteins can be destroyed like this. Effect: After thawing, the substance has lost a considerable amount of its original concentration, thus dropping in value.
Fast freezing vs. slow freezing

At first it may feel unfamiliar to place a filled single use bag in a compact plate freezer, which seems to resemble a toaster rather than a freezing device.

However, appearances don’t matter as long as the outcome doesn’t fail to convince:

  • The speed of the freezing process is multiplied: Thanks to the close contact of the freezing plates and the liquid there is no more need to freeze air used for isolation. The cold gets directly transferred, thus saving time and energy.
  • The shock-like freezing retains the quality of the substance. Due to direct contact with the freezing plates on both sides, the container is frozen consistently and evenly, as seen in the image. A condensed line is visible in the bag’s mirror axis, indicating a homogeneous freezing process.

The construction and functionality of a plate freezer for lab use is demonstrated in this video. The filled single use bag is integrated in the RoSS Shell System specifically developed by Single Use Support to offer protection and security against manipulation, while at the same time facilitating an ideal temperature transfer for the freeze/thaw process in plate freezers.

The advantages of single use bags and the entire single use technology for labs are evident: Single use technology is financially attractive, flexible and easy to handle, yet it offers the highest degree of system compatibility in terms of partner and manufacturer interfaces as well as the internationalization of processes.

Why is a scalable freeze/thaw concept attractive for labs?

At some point in time any successfully tested product will outgrow the lab. It is ready for market – but what now? Do all processes need to be newly scaled? Do all platforms need to be newly validated?

Single Use Support simply says: NO

If required, a lab-scale platform can be upscaled to small-scale and to blockbuster production without having to newly define processes or obtain FDA and other validations – either for one or across several sites.

RoSS Shell System is a compatible and flexible interface that works with any single use bag, no matter what brand or volume you prefer or require.

If you had to illustrate a sustainable and smooth, scalable process for a new biopharmaceutical product, RoSS.pFTU lab scale would be the only viable solution.

What is more, Single Use Support’s lab scale also offers a compact freeze-thaw system for rent.

Conclusion: All advantages speak for themselves. Single use technology is clearly on the rise. The system is scalable and the initial costs can be lowered further with our rental option. Single Use Support’s seamlessly scalable freeze/thaw platform is simply alluring. It does not require any further validations for an upgrade of batch sizes.

You can find further developments and information regarding our progressive drug substance logistics process here: www.susupport.com

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