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RoSS.RACK_1018 / Trolley

Dimensions (mm) width/length/height1165 / 800 / 1349
Dimensions (inch) width/length/height44.9 / 31.5 / 53.1
Delivery Time2 months

Pain points

Storage density heavy load manual handling of >10l bags stackability space limitations compatibility in-plant transportation trolley


Stainless steel trolley for handling and storage of RoSS shells. Designed for in-plant transportation. Hygienic design optional.

RoSS.RACK_1018 has a capacity of 20 large RoSS shells of up to 20L.


Accessories are supporting devices for in-plant transport and international shipping, as well as refrigerators to store frozen drug substances: RoSS® Bag Shaker, RoSS® Trolley, RoSS.LIQU 3D Bag Holder, RoSS.FRDG

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