November 17, 2021

Single Use Support investing 20 Mio EUR in end-to-end solutions for cell & gene therapies

Emerging process solutions provider Single Use Support has announced major investments of 20 Mio. EUR in development and research of Biopharma novel process solutions. Its primary focus is to enhance product safety, expand process capability, and improve speed and effectiveness for production of cell and gene therapies. The Austrian company’s upcoming innovation will be the launch of its own single-use bags - with other process innovations to follow.

Single Use Support expands its facilities fivefold and will further increase number of employees until 2022. Austrian-based company and by EY recently awarded “rising star” Single Use Support now invests in the expansion of innovation, research and development of solutions in cell and gene therapy.
20 million EUR will be applied to conduct testing, production and customization to provide manufacturers and researchers in the biopharmaceutical market with next generation technologies.

Martin Told, Managing Director of Single Use Support and Head of Innovation, emphasizes: “Innovative medical solutions, such as virus vector-based or T-cell immunotherapy (CAR-T) require innovative approaches. With our modular process solutions for sterile filling, freezing down to -150°C and thawing and its protection throughout storage and shipment processes, we will be supporting any business handling of highly valuable liquid substances.”

New single-use bags at shortest delivery time

Single Use Support will be launching its own single-use bags. While the company’s process platforms maintain bag-independent (the customer chooses from any available 2D single-use bag type), the Austrian solution provider has decided to deploy its expertise into the development of single-use bags. “Current lead times of single-use bags of up to several months has made it very difficult for users to purchase bags according to their needs. We want to make high quality single-use bags and consumables available within the shortest lead times of less than 4 weeks,“ promises Martin Told and adds: “Our single-use bag will be resistant down to -180°C and therefore most suitable for cell & gene therapies.” Single Use Support's first 2D bags will be available in spring 2022.

More innovations in cold chain logistics, digital documentation and control are anticipated by Single Use Support to offer disruptive end-to-end process solutions for cell and gene therapies in the near future.

Image: Small single-use bags set to be filled from RoSS.FILL CGT

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RoSS.FILL machine for CGT bags

Michael Eder

Senior Marketing Manager