August 26, 2019

Single Use Support enters US market

Single Use Support’s US office opens its doors on May 1st in Boston, Massachusetts. Our office manager in Boston will be the ideal go-to person for all local customers.

Single Use Support started as a small company operating from a garage in the Tyrolean Alps in 2015. Today, the team counts 15 members. Not only is the opening of the Boston office another milestone in Single Use Support’s history but the new office will also act as an important hub for the international market.

The Tyrolean start-up became successful thanks to its developments for the biopharma industry. CEOs Johannes Kirchmair und Thomas Wurm claim that “based on single-use bioprocess containers, we offer players in the biopharma field a completely new and 100% safe drug substance logistics process.”

Single Use Support logistic process biopharma single-use bags

The BULK.STREAM, as Single Use Support calls its logistics process, closes the gap between the Down.Stream and the Fill&Finish process. All technologies developed by Single Use Support are compatible with single use bags of all established manufacturers and of any size, which allows for highest possible scalability. At the same time, this increases patient safety and significantly reduces loss of drug substance caused by contamination.

The BULK.STREAM developed by Single Use Support comprises filling systems for single use bags, compact trays for the single-use bags protection from external impact, a fully automated integrity test for single use bags and a freeze and thaw platform.

The SUS founders are particularly proud about their testing device MITS.2D and their Freeze&Thaw platforms, which manage the entire Freeze&Thaw process across all phases – from the lab to blockbuster production. On top of that, the Freeze/Thaw platform facilitates a more consistent freezing while at the same time taking less time to do so.

In November 2018, the MITS.2D testing device was even presented at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) headquarters in Washington, D.C. It is the first integrity test for single use bags globally that detects holes of a size as small as 2 macron and thus prevents the infiltration with bacteria.

Single Use Support is also active in the cell and gene therapy field. Cell and gene therapies are the medical future as they put patient safety first. That is why Single Use Support has developed technologies to reduce the risk of bio contamination, manipulation or product loss towards zero.

The so-called CTG.STREAM is based on single use bags: It uses the advantages of single use bags while the products and processes developed by SUS fully compensate potential weaknesses and flaws. Like this, the Single Use Support technologies turn the single use bag into a 100% safe and secure instrument for the handling of cell and gene therapies.

Founder Johannes Kirchmair represented SUS at the Interphex in New York City and introduced the company’s newest technologies, and above all the Freeze&Thaw platform that proved to be very popular. With its Freeze/Thaw platforms, Single Use Support has achieved yet another milestone for the biopharma industry.

The next event will be the BIO International Convention, held from June 3rd to 6th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Single Use Support will be present to discuss its newest developments for the biopharma industry. In order not to miss us at the BIO International we recommend you sign up at the BIO Convention Website under myBIO: Event Planning Tool. The organizer will send you personalized information regarding sessions, events, speakers and exhibitors at the BIO 2019. Watch this space for further information.

The US expansion is an important milestone for Thomas Wurm and Johannes Kirchmair: “We are sure that the opening of our Boston office is another important step for our company, but also in making single use technologies even more efficient and safe.”

Single Use Support in Boston USA

Michael Eder

Senior Marketing Manager