August 9, 2023

Homogenization of cells & aliquotation in single-use bags

Who can relate to the situation when every cell aliquot is different? That's why cell homogenization and aliquotation are important requirements in modern cell biology research, relevant for scientists and laboratory staff. Scientists and process engineers benefit from uniform cell distribution throughout multiple single-use bioprocess containers for cell banking or other bioprocessing steps.

It is of utmost importance to have a consistent cell count per aliquot into every bioprocess container, such as a single-use bag, ensuring consistency and accuracy in downstream analysis. 

In this article, we will showcase the significance of cell homogenization, and introduce the innovative RoSS.PADL homogenizing solution from Single Use Support. The seamless connection to the filling platform exemplifies the integration of homogenization and automated dispensing that drive scientific progress.

RoSS.PADL Product

Homogenization in cell biology

Homogenization is a fundamental technique in cell biology research, used to obtain a uniform mixture of cellular components in cell banking

In the context of cell banking, homogenization plays a critical role in ensuring consistent and accurate cell distribution in every sample. The ability to precisely fill the same number of cells into each bioprocess container, is of great importance in maintaining reproducibility and reliability throughout analysis and production processes.

Cool & Gentle: Homogenizing solution

The homogenizing solution from Single Use Support is RoSS.PADL, a platform that guarantees a homogenous mixture of cells within single-use bags. It ensures the uniform distribution of cells in every sample and a homogenous mixture within the sample. This is a critical factor in preventing deposits, particularly when dealing with substances like yeasts.


RoSS.PADL | Homogenizing Solution

RoSS.PADL is a scalable platform for cooling your single-use bag whilst gently massaging it to ensure there is a homogenous mixture of the solution. With the RoSS.PADL multiple cooling and massaging mechanisms can be placed side by side with one control system.

RoSS.PADL employs gentle kneading and precise cooling mechanisms to achieve a thorough and well-balanced blend. This advanced system eliminates the need for manual bag massage, automating the process for higher efficiency and reduced human errors. This enables standardization and easy scalability of the process.

Compatible with diverse bag types and manufacturers, RoSS.PADL maintains fluid consistency through adjustable massaging and a cooling plate, ensuring optimal temperatures before filling.

Seamlessly integrating with other RoSS devices, this solution offers a comprehensive approach to single-use processes. 

Whitepaper: Homogeneity in biopharmaceutical aliquotation

Whitepaper_RoSS.PADL_Ensuring Homogeneity in the Aliquoting of Biopharmaceuticals

Whitepaper: Homogeneity in Biopharmaceutical Aliquotation

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One example: Homogenization & aliquotation of CHO cells in single-use bags

CHO cells are a widely used cell culture in bioproduction for the manufacturing of therapeutic proteins, vaccines, and other biopharmaceuticals. Ensuring consistent and accurate cell distribution is crucial for maintaining reproducibility and product quality. The integration of cell homogenization and automated aliquotation solutions becomes instrumental in achieving these goals.

RoSS.PADL homogenizing solution standardizes cooling and kneading of the single-use bags, ensuring a uniform mixture of the CHO cell suspension. By automating the process, the risk bag breakage or uncontrolled warming of the liquids due to human error is minimized, and scalability is achieved for multiple bioprocess containers in parallel.

The innovative design of RoSS.PADL ensures that the correct temperature is maintained during the filling process. The integration with the RoSS.FILL Fill & Drain Platform further enhances the efficiency of the entire process, providing a seamless end-to-end solution for cell homogenization and automated aliquotation.


Brian Moloney

Director New Products & Innovation

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