December 13, 2021

Single-Use Assembly Configurator: Quick configuration of manifold assemblies

The supply chain of single-use assemblies is presently the biggest bottleneck in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Single Use Support GmbH is taking quick action to alleviate this industry-wide pain by offering single-use manifold assemblies, and - starting today - launching its new online configurator Single Use Manifold Assembly Configurator.

The online configurator, owned and created by Single Use Support is available to everyone and will be a game-changer in the face of the various challenges in the pharmaceutical supply chain: it simplifies building designs to meet clients’ process needs and speeds up the purchasing process of custom-made single-use manifold assemblies for aseptic filling of liquids. Above all the Single Use Manifold configurator will provide the shortest lead times for single-use manifolds.

Designing single-use manifolds

Single-use manifolds include complex connections of numerous components, such as aseptic connectors, tubings, fittings, filters, bags and mixers, to secure optimal fluid management systems.

Martin Told, Managing Director at Single Use Support, explains the configurator’s features: “The fluid flow of any media or drug substance can now be visually built in a very user-friendly setup upon custom preferences. The configured manifold can be shared with colleagues or purchased instantly”. Maintaining impartiality to single-use providers, Single Use Support simplifies the navigation through the myriad of Biopharma components. The configurator will be constantly expanding both components and functionality based on customer feedback.

Finding the shortest lead time

As the need for single-use systems has increased during the pandemic, shortages have intensified the challenges in biopharmaceutical supply chain.
“Listening to desperate customers suffering from long lead times of over several months has encouraged us to develop solutions to improve single-use supply processes”, adds Told. On Manifold Single Use Assemblies it is now possible to connect with Single Use Support to find shortest lead times for manifolds.

Image: Preview of Single Use Manifold Assembly configurator

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Single use assembly configurator by Single Use Support

David Seifert

Head of Sales Application Engineering – Sterile Consumables

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