October 20, 2021

Single-use tubing solutions on another level

Modular systems based on single-use equipment have become an established standard in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, where they cover an increasing number of process steps. They are available for a range of applications as well as for different size ranges. Thanks to their modular nature, fluid transfer tubing assemblies can be adapted almost infinitely, and they can be used with components from any of the established manufacturers. 

Flexibility is another strongpoint of single-use solutions: Any new assembly - from entire manifold systems to individual components such as filters for aseptic filling - can  be integrated seamlessly in existing single-use platforms.

In order to make sure our single-use tubing systems and single-use manifolds fulfil the complex needs of the fast-paced biopharmaceutical market, at MyManifold we only use components of the highest quality, including sterile silicone tubings.

What is a manifold in single-use technology?

With a growing demand for customizable solutions in a generally complex field such as the biopharmaceutical industry, single-use technologies are gaining momentum. They are covering a number of process steps from filling and draining to freezing and thawing. As of late, fluid management, including aseptic filling, has become the latest area to realize the benefits of implementing single-use assemblies.

Those solutions are commonly known as so-called manifold assemblies, owing to their nature of being composed of various (manifold) parts, which themselves fall under the blanket term of “manifolds” (noun, as in tubings or distributors). They are composed of any given number of different components, such as single-use tubings, connectors or clamps and can be quickly and easily adapted and customized, addressing the need for simple and user-friendly designs.

Single-Use Manifold Assemblies - next level of single-use tubing

The term “manifold assemblies” refers to customizable systems that are made up of plastic biopharmaceutical tubing and other single-use components, all of which stand out due to their flexibility. They are connected, resulting in systems to meet the respective needs of any given fluid management, always keeping in mind sterile filling needs and the need to preclude contamination. 

Unlike systems made of stainless steel and hard piping, single-use assemblies sets are agile and flexible. Such assemblies can be swapped out quickly and easily, allowing for new degrees of scalability and pushing your processes to the next level. Read on if you want to find out more about the advantages and possibilities that single-use tubing can offer in terms of optimizing both pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical operations.

Advantages of custom-made single-use assemblies

Single-use tubing solutions are critical in that they ensure a reliable, secure and sterile fluid transfer while avoiding the need to stop production for sterilization. They are a relatively new and innovative approach that is adopted widely thanks to its plentiful - or manifold - advantages, including:

  • Reduced contamination risk
  • Decreased cleaning requirements
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased flexibility

Using the right kind of quality single-use medical tubing can provide plenty of advantages, not least the option to adapt an established prototype as needed. Single-use assembly sets that have been manufactured on the basis of single-use components can be customized to meet the varying requirements of their respective environments. Since there is no need for autoclaving or cleaning, they can be used out of the bag, saving time and costs and offering the added benefit of being fully scalable. This is what makes them the only really viable solution for operations that are fit for the future.

Next level of customization

While single-use tubing assemblies, manifolds and manifold sets can be ordered in standard set sizes, at Single Use Support we are taking the single-use approach a step further: In order to facilitate a truly flexible and scalable single-use tubing solution, we offer a user-friendly configurator that makes it easy to design your individual - and individually adaptable - single-use assembly. 

Customized solutions with the single-use assembly configurator

Customized solutions single-use manifold configurator

At Single Use Support we believe that flexibility is key: Our single-use assembly configurator as well as our modular setup allow you to customize your manifold assemblies according to your specifications prior to ordering - by simply entering the required parameters. 

While we believe in flexibility as a key factor, the nature of the biopharmaceutical industry dictates another key factor: Aseptic processing and aseptic filling processes are a necessity in order to ensure the quality of any drug substance. Both of these can be achieved with single-use filling processes on the basis of disposable manifold sets.

This is just one of the reasons why we have designed all of our workflows to be both modular and compatible with any given single-use tubing, connection and single-use bioprocess container (or bottle), affording you the greatest possible degree of adaptability and customization.

We aim to prove that complex problems and challenges can often be solved or overcome with the simplest of solutions. 

Manifolds single-use tubing solutions on another level

Michael Mühlegger

Head of Marketing & Inside Sales

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