RoSS.LIQU | 3D Bag Tote

RoSS.LIQU is a smart rigid tote to protect 3D single-use bags with large volumes of up to 1000L for shipping applications. This robust stainless steel transport container is re-usable and offers a sustainable solution for single-use bag shipments compared to plastic alternatives.
Fully robust. Entirely safe. Available now.

  • Shortest lead time of 4 weeks for the standardized tote.
  • Rigid and outstandingly robust stainless steel tote for critical shipping of biopharmaceuticals
  • Smart digital filling & draining with welded radar sensor rack to measure filling load in real time
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Manufacturer-independent: For any 500L and 1000L 3D single-use bags - other sizes available upon request
  • Modular system (stackable, movable, shippable)
  • GMP compliant
Delivery time>4 weeks

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