RoSS.RACK_1018 | Trolley

Stainless steel trolley for handling and storage of RoSS shells. Designed for in-plant transportation. Hygienic design optional.

RoSS.RACK_1018 has a capacity of 20 large RoSS shells of up to 20L.

Dimensions (mm)
1165 / 800 / 1349
Dimensions (inch)
44,9 / 31,5 / 53,1
Delivery time2 months

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RoSS.RACK | Transport Devices

RoSS.RACKs are supporting devices for in-plant transport for up to 30 RoSS® shells. Racks can be moved easily either on paletts or as trolleys and smoothen the process between various logistics units, such as from filling RoSS® shells to the bulk substance freeze platform.